How much should I spend on a gaming motherboard? [Quick Answered]

How much should i spend on a gaming motherboard

If you are going to build your dream gaming system and are confused about how much you should spend on a gaming motherboard. Well, that depends on your budget, whether you want a high-end, mid-end, or low-end system. Plus, it should be clear that motherboards don’t affect your gaming experience as it’s all about features. But it doesn’t mean you go for the cheapest one.

Here is the list of things you should list before buying a gaming motherboard.

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Memory or RAM: How much and what RAM type do you want to Install?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is temporary data storage used to hold data temporarily. It is one of the essential pc components for gamers because it makes your game run smoothly. One more thing is that there is not only a single type of RAM. The two most common and used RAM types nowadays are DDR3 and DDR4. DDR 4 or Double Data Rate 4 with a clock speed of 2133 MHz is faster than DDR 3, which has a clock speed of 800 to 1600 MHz.This thing you must be clear in your mind before buying a gaming motherboard because some motherboards don’t support DDR 4 ram type.

Socket Types: Which generation CPU do you want to install?

In this porting, we install our microprocessor chip which is the brain of our computer. A microprocessor has very high pin counts, so this socket design, in a way, supports it. It has multiple functions to keep heatsinks cool down CPU temperature, but the most important one is it formed an electrical interface both with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and the CPU. A CPU socket type should support your microprocessor. So it would be best if you were very careful before buying one that your processor should be compatible with your motherboard.

Overclockable: Do you want an overclockable motherboard?

Many motherboards now support this feature. Overclocking means increasing the performance of the hardware by increasing its clock rate. It boosts your motherboard’s speed and gives you the performance of high price tag models at less price. There are also some disadvantages of overclocking too like it can damage your CPU physically because overclocking produces additional heat. It can also damage your hardware if it is left overheated on your CPU for a long time. So all of these things should be clear in your mind if you want to buy an overclockable motherboard for your gaming rig.

Stylish Features: Want some modern features like RGB lights?

If you want your motherboard to look stylish and unique, you should go for this one. Many big manufacturing companies are not just focusing on the performance of their hardware but also on their outer look. This trend is going crazy day by day as every gamer wants their gaming rig to look cooler.

Build Size: What size of a gaming rig do you want to Build?

The size of your gaming rig depends on the size of the motherboard you want to install. The physical dimensions of the motherboard are identified by form factor. If you don’t know what form factor is, then read this article (types of motherboards). We have covered this topic in detail here. The most common and modern motherboards come in three sizes.

What is your Budget Range?

High Range ( 200 USD or Above)

Suppose you are a professional gamer having 4k led with the latest GPU and want a liquid cooling system. We will suggest you go for the best one available in the market.

Mid Range (150 USD to 200 USD)

And if you are a good gamer with 2k led or anyone, there are also many good motherboards between 150 $ to 200 $ with stylish-looking RGB lights and better power supplies.

Low Range (100 USD or Less)

If you are low on a budget like 100 $, you can still get a motherboard with an overclockable feature for AMD chips. This range can also have motherboards with built-in wifi.


First, you should be clear about what features you exactly want in the motherboard. Whether you want good memory or stylish features, what is your desired pc size? Are you looking for an overclockable motherboard?. The most important one is your budget. You first should decide your budget.

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