What Does a Motherboard Do for Gaming? [Quick Answer]

What Does a Motherboard Do for Gaming

You didn’t have to search this on the internet all day. What Does a motherboard do for gaming?. In this single guide, we will clear all your doubts about gaming motherboards.

The motherboard is one of the most critical parts of the pc, which is also called its heart because it connects all other components and provides a connection between them. Moreover, the motherboard’s job is to regulate power between other critical parts like ram, hard disk, disk drive, etc.

A motherboard should be more robust from a gaming perspective, supporting fast, rapid circuit operations with a heavy power flow if you choose a motherboard that is not strong enough to handle your computer processing power. Then you can face serious issues like Slow processing and heating, which can damage your hardware.

Difference between a regular and gaming motherboard

You can use a typical motherboard for regular gaming, but if you are a pro gamer or want to experience high-end gaming. Then it will be recommended to buy a motherboard that is compatible with high-end gaming components.

Moreover, a standard motherboard is designed for simple day-to-day operations like working on MS office, watching movies, browsing the internet, etc. In contrast, a gaming motherboard is designed to handle heavy tasks like video editing, photoshop, especially heavy gaming. The material used in the manufacturing of gaming motherboards like capacitors, copper wires, sockets, connectors, etc., is high-end quality because it has to handle heavy functions and rapid operations. 

Features that a Gaming motherboard should have:


This feature is specially designed for heavy tasks like exceptional gaming. You don’t see this feature come in regular motherboards. Overclocking increases the performance of the computer hardware. Pro gamers use motherboards that support this feature.

Liquid Cooling:

Many companies are now manufacturing motherboards with a liquid cooling system. This is a must-have feature in modern motherboards because now we use graphics cards and processors, which use lots of power, which raises our systems’ temperature to extreme levels. We didn’t need this feature in regular motherboards as we didn’t use high-end graphics cards and overclockable processors.

Main Components of Gaming Motherboard

There are multiple components of the motherboard which perform different functions.

Here is the list of components with their functions.

CMOS Battery:

It is a small memory on pc motherboards that usually store BIOS settings. It is called CMOS because it uses a low-power complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor or CMOS. Typically it contains 256 bytes of data storage.

RAM Slots:

This is usually a spot that every gamer should see before buying a gaming motherboard because RAM plays a vital role in gaming. A good gaming PC should have a motherboard that supports DDR4-type ram.

Power Supply Plug-In:

 This part of the motherboard provides the electric power supply to all the other components which make the PC operate. In gaming systems, we use heavy power supply units because gaming systems require more power to drive than standard systems.

USB 3.0 Port:

Many modern motherboards now come with a USB 3.0 port. It is faster compared to USB 2.0 in data transfer. So if you are a gamer, you must go for a USB 3.0 port before buying a gaming motherboard.

PCI or Parallel Component Interconnection Slot:

This slot is used to attach hardware like graphics cards, network cards, sound cards, modems, and some extra ports such as Universal Serial Bus or USB.

For gamers, this port is the most important because it is where the graphics card is attached.

PS/2 Port:

It is a six-pin connector used for connecting a computer mouse and keyboard designed in 1984 by IBM computers. It is a color-coded port to differentiate between a mouse and a keyboard, purple for the keyboard and green for a mouse. It doesn’t have much value now because almost every gaming mouse and keyboard comes with a USB connector.

What is the Job of Motherboard in Gaming?

The motherboards don’t matter much in boosting gaming performance. As I said earlier, its main job is to connect and provide communication between pc components. But It also doesn’t mean you should buy the cheap one because some motherboards are built especially for gaming with some extra space for additional hardware.


The motherboard is one of the main components of any system. Its core function is to provide a connection between other components. Gaming motherboards boost your gaming experience with faster and high-quality slots and ports. Moreover, a gaming motherboard can be customizable according to your needs.

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