Best Gaming Motherboards for i5 7600k [Top 10]

Best gaming motherboards for i5 7600kSince modernization has evolved, the pace of the growing world and everything is a lot digitalized, gaming over the PCs has also been in trend for years, and the graph is going up at a rapid pace.

Gaming with computers can be seen as a favorite pastime for many, and people are passionate enough to invest and spend for their interests. It would help if you had a top-of-the-line computer with an updated processor aligned with the best supporting motherboard for gaming.

Why is it important to pair a processor only with a compatible motherboard?

The i5 7600k is a great intel processor that helps particularly in gaming. It can do other computer operations, but matching it with the best motherboard for i5 7600k is as essential as the Processor itself. One must ensure that the motherboard’s most compatible version is paired with the Processor to achieve what you expect from the Processor itself.

Gaming Motherboards for i5 7600k Reviews


Atmosphere Sync RGB lights for a more incredible style


Performance is exceptional

ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6

Excellent unique design, mainly the heat-sinks


RGB fusion LEDs gives a classy look Temperature


Dynamic cooling device for heat damage avoidance

Asus Z170-A

5-way Board optimization for better performance

MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon

Featured base to permit high-class gaming capacity

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

High-performance rate

ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex

Provides efficient overclocking


Great layered security

Here is a comparison of our Best 10 Picks

1. ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151


Making a purchase the budget is an important thing to allocate, so this Asus Prime Z270 motherboard is ranked as the best budget compatible motherboard for i5 7600k. It has some salient features that make help this device to outstand others.


It offers a wide range of features covering various fields, including gaming, educational or professional tasks, video streaming, and other documentation. It also features USB 2.0 and USB 3.1, Thunderbolt 3 support, integrated RGB lighting. It also supports six SATA ports, two M.2 drive connectors, several 2.0 and 3.0 headers, and type-A and C connectors, setting up matchless design standards.

This designed motherboard offers well-improved audio by bringing about innovations in the codec of this device. It can also operate at higher speeds than what it’s designed to work for. The pre-installed fan also helps to prevent heating from being caused by excessive usage.

  • Atmosphere Sync RGB lights for a more incredible style
  • 5-way enhancement accompanies auto-tuning
  • USB 3.1 for multiple times quicker information move than USB 2.0
  • Higher capacity with Intel Optane memory similarity
  • Great audio output.
  • Specific issues with the detection of keys.
  • A single CR2 battery is necessary for operation.



This Z270 SLI PLUS is the top variant as it comes with Intel’s full chipset that undoubtedly ranks it the best for serious gamers and professionals. It can stand loads and loads of work for its clients. It is well made up of military-grade components, features Crossfire and SLI, and contains Turbo M.2 slots. To enjoy all these features for high-class performance, you are just a single step away.

It has a unique housing design and heatsinks well reserve the northbridge and southbridge. It can be a hustle to lack RGB LEDs on the board, which is considered a downside. As per the user’s demands, there is ample space around the memory slots.

To keep your device working and overcoming heating, the fan headers are effectively installed to work for their position correctly, which is necessary when overclocking. The process of cooling is eased by water cooler PWM/DC Mode and 6x Fan headers.

To get the best possible performance, the motherboard features a 3800MHz installed DDR4 backed up with SATA 3 ports and two M.2 sockets storage. This undoubtedly reduces the risk of lagging when heavy operations are put on board. To increase the audio strength, size audio jacks are more than enough.

  • Performance is exceptional
  • Fans work great to overcome the heating.
  • Quality and design are worth appreciable.
  • It can be a little difficult to find problems that are associated with gaming.

3. ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6


The ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6 is an outstanding gaming motherboard for i5 7600k that will fit the LGA 1150 or 1151 Socket and Killer E2400 network with your i5 7600k Processor. A 12-phase power build is included in the mobo, which paves the way for AMD Quad CrossFire and NVIDIA Quad SLI for a complete gaming experience at a low price.

With USB 3.1 networking, dual LAN ports, and Intel Optane Memory, the ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming K6 is usable. The chipset has 26x I/O ports installed as PCI-E 3.0, SATA6G, or USB 3.0. It features 2 M.2 slots, 3 PCIe x1 slots, and three fast PCIe x16 slots for your NVMe SSDs.

It supports 2 Processor headers that enable only the 6th gen Core CPU to be placed under the LGA1151 socket. It also supports four other fan headers at the board’s edge, where you can mount air coolers but stops blocking the 4 DDR4 RAM slots. Its F-Stream role helps a gamer offer details about the machine, overclock, and adjust the fan speed.

  • Top of the line storage capacity
  • Has superb LAN permitting gaming
  • Excellent unique design, mainly the heat-sinks
  • Variety of ports
  • Performance is average



This Gigabyte Auros GA-2270X is a compatible motherboard for i5 7600k as it has a very distinctive black look with LEDs well occupying the board. It features an intelligent Fan 5, which smoothens the heat while providing cooling to the system, and this fan controlling process is well supported by the three-pin DC and 4-pin PWM.

It also includes the RGB Fusion with a quality lesser as compared to SKUs. It has USB ports. Compared to the other rival features that include Thunderbolt 3 3, it supports USB 3.1 10Gbps Gen 2 in the Type-A and -C form, ASM2142 chipset run (40Gbps).

The Z270X-Gaming K5 is an outstanding gaming motherboard with built-in U.2, dual M.2 slots for a lot of high-speed storage, and support for multi-GPU setups. For U.2 and M.2, the M.2 Genie makes a more straightforward RAID O installation. It uses a Gigabit LAN networking kit built for an easy, reliable, and safe link to allow multimedia and skilled usage.

  • RGB fusion LEDs gives a classy look
  • Dual Ultra-Fast M.2 processor for high-end outputs
  • Temperature Sensors to control heating using Smart Fan 5
  • Mouse movement can be a hustle.
  • Provide excessive voltage for overclocking



This motherboard has been quite impressed with its use by recent customers. As it helps them to use several GPUs, they considered its complex cooling mechanism to be unique. The buyers liked its PCI-e slots, which enabled the Processor to be heavily used.

This motherboard’s smooth installation helps us appreciate it the best. In addition to this, the security of anti-static links is also a great function. And if they have been enjoying games all night, it makes users feel safe.

For those who wish to maintain a safe link, this is most helpful and lets them keep it encrypted. The two patent-pending slots include this motherboard with brute power, which allows you to trust it. It is, therefore, better for persons who still respect the building efficiency of their gaming component.

To conclude, it’s an excellent motherboard with all the characteristics we need. The security of the socket attachment and location is also adequate. So, if you’re not on a tight budget to meet, straightaway goes for it.

  • Capacity for eight-channel HD audio provision
  • For heavy-duty usage of GPUs, PCI-e slots
  • Dynamic cooling device for heat damage avoidance
  • With a substantial degree of customization, AURA RGB lights
  • For successful overclocking and optimum efficiency, FanXpert 4
  • Few people think that it’s overpriced,
  • CR2 batteries are a necessity for the board to operate.


6. Asus Z170-A


As they found a significant improvement in their gaming pace, the latest buyers are delighted with their order. They enjoy the components of the DDR4 memory that help to cope with massive data files. Because of its SATA convey assistance, which also assists with data transmission, they also praise the board.

With its pro clock technology, this motherboard stands out from the rest. This encourages you to continue to overclock the Processor even though you are not conscious of it. This reduces the chance of both the Processor and the motherboard getting affected.

For all sorts of intel i5 7600k motherboard consumers, this motherboard is perfect. You’ll enjoy it, no matter whether you’re a skilled gamer, a novice, or a regular internet subscription service. Space and pace help all, such that everybody can purchase it.

It has the potential to be the most robust board for gamers and non-gamers, in our view. The features given are perfect for all, so without any doubt, you can select them. Plus, consumers are very pleased with their productivity, so you’ll be confident of your expenditure.

  • The two intelligence-based processors
  • 2 feature used for storage enhancement
  • 5-way Board optimization for better performance
  • USB 3.1 for seamlessly evolving LAN links
  • Energy Processing Unit (EPU) to be modified according to the source of electricity
  • Very bulky at a 3-pound weight
  • Lithium batteries are needed to start running.

7. MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon


MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon comes with M.2 Shield cooling and has RGB LEDs and is a favorite among many dual-GPU gaming passionate and surprisingly, the price is affordable.

The mobo is mostly silver and black with RGB LED lighted areas that can be regulated separately, offering you an advanced gameplay outing.

The Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon includes Steel DDR4 slots and Armor PCIe, strengthening the motherboard’s hardness, defending against EMI, and avoiding tearing. It also contains 6 SATA ports that will expand the room for storage.

Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon is bundled with carbon fiber, which signifies high accuracy and pace. The organization has modified the UEFI-generated Click BIOS to form 5 on the software front, enabling MSI to Improve Overclock.

It features a dual-Turbo M.2 link that serves the Intel Optane, achieving speeds of around 32 GB/s. The Intel i219V chip can provide an excellent communication link in conjunction with the 15KV anti-surge guard.  It stands for a separate audio PCB to produce top-quality performance and will also include the Audio Boost 4.

  • Contains M.2 Shield
  • Eye-catching motherboard design
  • Quite appealing Light RGB
  • Featured base to permit high-class gaming capacity
  • Lacks WIFI connectivity

8. ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E


This is the best i5 7600k motherboard that blends output with a perfect interface. It may not be the right choice for you if you are a dedicated overclocker. Even then, try this out.

Firstly, when you compare what is expensive relative to what you achieve, this would not be of great benefit. It’s a pretty solid solution that you won’t miss making if it’s the only choice you have. Even so, you’ll discover some better options out there after doing a bit of searching. You’ll be willing to find one that is in a separate league entirely for just $10 extra.

This was a motherboard awaited by many people, and it just didn’t measure up to the hype. It is not all that distinct from its contemporaries, which wouldn’t be damaging if not for the expense. You can get a high-quality item if you are sold on it. It has a fantastic blend of ports, like USB, M.2, and PCIe.

You’re going to get some fantastic BIOS, solid strength, and a good selection of choices for apps. ASUS worked hard to match all of the other motherboards with some of the RGB program’s problems. Another problem is that instead of the Intel one, this board uses a Realtek RTL8822BE WiFi solution, which provides marginally better efficiency.

Design-wise, this motherboard is indeed an excellent model. The RGB lights are beautiful, the heatsinks function great, and all are placed rightly, making construction simple.

You would be a little hard-pressed to regulate it as far as overclocking goes. Some debug LEDs and a sweet UEFI, but there are no onboard buttons that make your board’s state transparent.

  • Shared interfaces are limited.
  • The graphic card hides the shared slots.
  • High-performance rate
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Some complain about overclocking; that doesn’t justify its price.

9. ASUS ROG Maximus IX Apex


The Maximus XI Hero is next to the original Maximus X Hero. It arrives with some fantastic enhancements, giving you some sweet gaming efficiency and complex tasks. This one is intended for gamers and professional jobs.  The Maximus XI Hero will ensure that you get the best i5-7600K motherboards by assisting the LGA 1151 socket.

For more excellent DRAM overclocking efficiency, it has dual M.2, USB 3.1, onboard 802.11ac WiFi, and ASUS Optimum II technology. It’s a magnificent board that long lastingly will offer you superior, long-lasting results. The Maximus XI Hero will provide you with the forum to make particular stuff happen if you are having difficulty playing the latest games.

It has upgraded 5-way optimization, just like the Prime Z270-A Pro, which overclocks smartly centered on quick analysis and radiant sensors. That ensures that when you’re not under a heavy load, it auto-overclocks depending on the processing needs you have and then returns to usual. This Maximus XI Hero has FanXpert 4 technology, which offers dynamic cooling of the device depending on how hot the processor is operating. Ultimately, even though there’s a lot of heat output going, it makes the components colder!

  • Provides efficient overclocking
  • Exceptional wide board for more excellent options.
  • 5-way optimization
  • FanXpert 4 technology to prevent heating

 10. Asus SABERTOOTH Z170 S


Another one that is an incredibly good motherboard for the intel i5-7600k motherboard combo is the Aorus Elite by GIGABYTE. Like the Aorus Master, it features Intel processors of the 9th and 8th generation, enabling you to fit most processors that endorse the form of socket LGA 1151, and this too includes the i5-7600k.

This motherboard has some outstanding storage assistance. Four DIMM slots are currently required to support tons of memory. One of the great stuff about this motherboard is that it’s fitted with a USB-C header, although several boards don’t help that at all or have minimal support today. It has its own Smart Fan 5 technology from GIGABYTE, which often uses thermal sensors to keep your Processor cold, which is exceptionally crucial for overclocking skills.

The Aorus motherboards of GIGABYTE are typically layered with what they call Super Durable Security, which gives items such as the Integrated I/O shield, memory, and PCIe slots a good coating of reinforcing. This helps you to select more high-duty components that, over time, would not destroy the motherboard spaces.

  • Great storage capacity
  • USB-C header
  • Smart Fan 5 technology
  • Great layered security


It can be a hustle to build a PC, and it is sometimes also reasonably easy to do; however, in processor-motherboard connectivity, most people get tripped up. What Processor fits in what socket on the motherboard? That’s not precisely the most straightforward choice to comprehend, and that’s why we’ve put together the best i5-7600K motherboards for you. The listed above motherboards have salient features for each of them, and you can go for the one that best suits your choice. Either you are spending too much or less, that’s up to you because a vast range of motherboards has been discussed with their gaming specifications. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Get your most desired motherboard to attain heights of glory in gaming.

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