How Does Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance? [Quick Answered]

How Does the motherboard affect gaming performance

When building a gaming PC, you should have to look into every PC component. This tactic will help you to build your dream gaming pc. Every PC component is essential for your overall gaming performance, but unfortunately, people only consider some as their main priority, which results in lagging and low performance.

 If you think only GPU / VGA cards, Ram and processors are the components you should look into while building your gaming pc; then you’re mistaken. The motherboard is also one of the major PC components you should consider because it’s the motherboard that connects all other pc hardware. If you choose the wrong one which is not compatible with either one of your other hardware, then you can face severe lags while gaming. Which overall decreases your gaming experience. 

Although the motherboard is not responsible for decreasing or increasing your gaming performance, as I said earlier, its primary function or responsibility is to connect and provide communication to your other PC hardware. The only case that affects your gaming performance is if you choose the wrong one, which is not compatible with any other components.

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How does the motherboard work?

The motherboard’s essential function is to connect the Central Processing Unit (CPU) chip, which is the brain of the computer, and to connect other computer components to it. Without it, none of the components can communicate with one another.


When you power on your system, the power is sent from the system power supply to the motherboard. Then after the data is transferred from databases and travel from northbridge to the southbridge part of the mobo.

The data to RAM, CPU, and PCIe is transferred from northbridge and data bridge to USB, BIOS, SATA, and PCI from southbridge.

Foam Factor

The Foam Factor is responsible for the motherboard’s overall shape and size. It also determines which type of power supply and case size it will support. It covers all the physical design and layout, like where the mounting holes should be placed and the overall motherboard organization. Today’s motherboards mainly come in three sizes which are ATX, Mini-ATX, and Micro ATX. So while building your gaming system, you should be very careful that you buy the right one.

Some Major Components of Motherboard

RAM Slots

This slot holds the volatile memory of your system.Ram plays a vital role in your gaming performance. So when buying a gaming motherboard, you will be very careful that the motherboard supports your ram type. 

SATA Ports

SATA OR Serial Advanced Technology Advancement connects various storage devices to your system, like Hard disk drive, DVD OR compact disk drive, and Solid State Drive (SSD).

PCI-E Slots

Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCI-E) slot where you install your graphics card or VGA card without this, you cannot enjoy gaming. Their slot not just connects graphics cards but also other computer components like wifi adapter and sound card. 

Here are the Slots and Ports you found on a motherboard.

SATA Ports: Where you connect your PC hard or SSD drive

CPU Socket: Where processor chip is installed.

USB 3.1 Ports: For fast data transfer.

CMOS Battery: It helps to boot up your system.

Bios Chip: Helps you to allow access to your system.

How to Find the motherboard model information?

You can check this on the documents which come along with the motherboard. If you lose your documentation, then don’t worry. You can also check this in these three simple steps.


 Open your command prompt by pressing the Win+R button.


Then after type “wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serial number” in the command prompt box.


Now, this is the information about your motherboard, which includes the serial number. Take a screenshot of it.


The motherboard is not the reason your gaming performance is not up to the mark because its work connects your different hardware and provides communication between them. Although you should be very wise when selecting it because if you choose the wrong, you can face compatibility issues that can result in low performance.

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