What is the Difference Between Gaming and Regular Motherboard?

Difference between a regular and a gaming motherboard

Do you know the Difference Between Gaming and Regular Motherboards? If not, don’t worry. This blog post will help to clear up any questions that you may have about the Difference Between a Gaming and a Regular Motherboard.

Numerous factors distinguish a gaming motherboard from a regular one. Let’s find out what those factors are.

I have been building gaming systems for many years and have noticed that gaming motherboards are evolving with time, as back in time when there was not much difference between a regular and gaming motherboard.

The motherboard always remains an essential part of the system because it connects and provides communication between other system hardware. In gaming, motherboards also have a very critical role because gaming requires more performance.

In older days, there is not much difference between a gaming motherboard and a traditional one. Now, these things are changed. Gaming motherboards come with more robust features than a standard PC motherboard.

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When to use or buy a gaming motherboard?

If you are an average gamer and play games just for fun or do not have enough budget to build a high-end gaming pc, it will be recommended to go for a normal one.

It does not make much difference because you bought a gaming motherboard and attached a regular CPU or GPU. Then it will of no use because you can not use a gaming motherboard in its full potential in this way.

Your other components like GPU and CPU should also be of high-end quality to use the gaming motherboard with high potential.

What is the main difference?

Gaming motherboards come with high-quality slots and ports. They have better cooling facilities as compared to standard motherboards with pumps controlling for liquid cooling.

Mostly the gaming motherboards come with overclocking facility, which usually lacks standard motherboards. Overclocking features in gaming motherboards increase the CPU performance by 2x. Big size heat sink tower is attached to gaming motherboards to control the rising temperature.

Features of Gaming Motherboards:

Liquid Cooling:

Liquid cooling, commonly called water cooling, is the best solution for the fast removal of heat. It’s the only solution for removing excessive heat rapidly with fluid on desktop systems. With its salient feature, you can enjoy your daily gaming with absolutely zero noise from your system.

This feature is specially designed for gaming motherboards because overclocking in gaming motherboards increases their temperature, and gaming systems consume more power.

There are also big heat sinks attached to the cooling system to cool down the CPU temperature.

Multiple PCI Slots:

Many gaming motherboards come with multiple PCIe slots. This feature allows you to attach various Graphics cards at a single time for high performance.TB250-BTC Pro of Biostar comes with 12 PCIe slots, while the AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ comes with 13 PCIe slots. You can use this hardcore nor just high-end gaming but for mining too.


Most gaming processors are now coming with this feature. It increases the CPU performance by  2 to 3 times; not all motherboards have the capacity to support this feature; only particular gaming motherboards can handle this operation.

Quality Slots and Ports:

The ports and slots attached to the gaming motherboards are of very high quality compared to standard motherboards because gaming motherboards have to handle very high operations.

So Should I buy a gaming motherboard?

Generally, the gaming motherboards have some more extra quality features over normal ones like Overclocking, more PCI slots to attach multiple VGA cards, stylish-looking RGB lights, and pump controlling for liquid cooling.

If you don’t need any of these types of special features, then there is no need to spend a few extra bucks for a gaming motherboard. You can go for the typical one for everyday gaming.


Gaming motherboards come with extra heavy features like liquid cooling capacity, high-end slots, and ports, overclocking to increase the performance, multiple heat sinks and ram slots, and heat sinks tower, multiple fans pins connectors to connect various fans, and stylish looking RGB lights.

The standard motherboard does not have all these high-quality features, but it can still be used for traditional gaming. You do not need a high-end quality gaming motherboard to enjoy your favorite games unless you are a pro gamer.

So, in my opinion, you can go for a standard motherboard if you play games to enjoy and pass your quality time.

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